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Tell Toyota, GM, and Fiat Chrysler to Support Clean Cars


Sign Interfaith Power & Light petition for individuals.  Click on this link:

Join Friends of Douglas Fir National Monument

Dear Friend of Douglas-Fir National Monument:

After five years of advocating for Douglas-Fir National Monument, we have reached a milestone:

• In March, the landmark National Lands Act was passed. Soon after, Senator Wyden and Representative Blumeneaur held a public lands forum in Portland where they asked “What’s next?” The answer, of course, is “Create Douglas-Fir National Monument”!

• Since then, we have been meeting with Senator Wyden’s staff to advocate for our Monument. The initial response has been positive and we are following up with staff recommendations.

• In June, the Forest Service announced their long-awaited QMS Project, a massive, 250 “unit” timber sale in the heart of our proposal. We have spent the summer closely examining this proposal and are preparing our initial scoping comments.

• So what’s next for Friends of Douglas-Fir National Monument?

• Four years ago, our interest list totaled 300 names; it now totals over 1500. As we move to the next stage in our advocacy, we’re ready to establish  solid financial support, so we are launching a formal Membership program. This will assure us of the ongoing financial support necessary to make Douglas-Fir National Monument a reality.

• You, as an existing Friend, have the first opportunity to join as an annual member.  Any contribution of $20 or more will establish or renew your membership.  The categories for the annual membership contribution are: 

Ø $20 New Forest (suggested for students and others with limited incomes)

Ø  $35 Young Growth

Ø $100 Mature Forest

Ø $250 Old Growth Forest

Ø $500 Watershed

Ø $1000 Mt. Jefferson (lifetime member)

Ø $ ???  Sustaining member - You choose the monthly amount (paypal makes this easy, just check the "monthly box" on the Paypal page)

Please contribute what you can to continue the important work of creating a Douglas-Fir National Monument.

Thank you.

You can send a tax-deductible check to: Friends of Douglas-Fir National Monument  PO Box 7174  Springfield, OR 97475, or click here: to use PayPal  Donate


Stop Bank Financing for Fossil Fuels

Sign Global Call on Banks to Stop Funding Fossil Fuel Projects

"We, organisations and individuals from all over the world, are now directly experiencing the impacts of climate change on our lands and our lives. We are living through temperature extremes; we witness the disruption and destruction brought to our communities and societies by floods, storms, droughts and fires; we grieve for what is precious to us and lost, and we fear for the future of our children.

In light of this grave threat, we demand decisive action on tackling the root cause of climate change, which is the continued extraction and burning of coal, oil and gas - by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. We can end the fossil fuel era - the technology exists - but only if governments and financial institutions end their support for the fossil fuels of the past and instead invest in a rapid and just transition to a 100% clean energy future that serves our communities and not corporations.

This requires that you, our banks, which hold our money - acknowledge that your continued support for the fossil fuel industry is incompatible with stopping catastrophic climate change, and that you take concrete steps to end this support.

We therefore demand from all banks that you:

  • publicly clarify your bank's position on the relation between climate change and the extraction and burning of fossil fuels
  • publicly commit to immediately end your support for all new fossil fuel projects, including exploration, extraction, transportation and power
  • publish a robust plan for phasing out your support for all existing fossil fuel projects and companies on a timetable consistent with what is necessary to meet the Paris targets.

We welcome all other steps your bank will take to help combat climate change, such as financing renewable energy solutions, but we will judge you first and foremost on your public commitment and strategy to terminate your support for the fossil fuel industry.

With so much at stake, you can count on our relentless efforts to ensure your bank makes these commitments. We will not rest until you side with us in ending the fossil fuel era."

Click Here to Sign the Fossil Banks Campaign:

End Oregon Gerrymandering


Join Oregon Common Cause and Oregon League of Women Voters in the People Not Politicians coalition to put an anti-gerrymandering ballot initiative in the November 2020 general election.

At its simplest, this initiative would change the way legislative and congressional districts are drawn by creating an independent redistricting commission comprised of Oregonians, rather than partisan politicians.

Letting politicians manipulate voting maps is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. We need to create a fair and transparent process so that voters choose their politicians, instead of politicians choosing their voters.

Be on the lookout for signature-gatherers in your community so we can get this initiative on the 2020 ballot. And show your support now by signing the "End Gerrymandering Pledge"

Block EPA Loosening of Methane Air Pollution Standards

Join the Climate Challenge

Keep track of how your lifestyle is impacting the climate.  Join local efforts here in the Eugene/Lane county area:



The 21 Juliana v. United States plaintiffs launched a new campaign today to ask Americans to encourage their legislators to support their constitutional youth climate lawsuit against the executive branch of the federal government. Will help the young plaintiffs push their message out on your social media channels? You can do so by sharing these posts: 




Thank you for considering! Let me know if you have any questions. 



Caitlin Howard


Digital Storyteller 

Our Children's Trust


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Support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act


The Bipartisan Climate Solution

H.R. 763

For over a decade, Citizens' Climate Lobby volunteers have asked their Members of Congress to work together to solve climate change. A viable climate change solution needs to be big and lasting — which means bipartisan legislation. CCL supports the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This policy will drive down America’s carbon pollution while unleashing American technology innovation and ingenuity. We support it because it’s:


This policy will reduce America’s emissions by at least 40% in the first 12 years.

Good for People

This policy will improve health and save lives. Additionally, the carbon dividend puts money directly into people’s pockets every month to spend as they see fit, helping low and middle income Americans.

Good for the economy

This policy will create 2.1 million new jobs, thanks to economic growth in local communities across America.

Good for People

This policy will improve health and save lives. Additionally, the carbon dividend puts money directly into people’s pockets every month to spend as they see fit, helping low and middle income Americans.


Republicans and Democrats are both on board, cosponsoring this bill together. The majority of Americans support Congress taking action on climate change, including more than half of Republicans. Solving climate change is too urgent to get caught up in partisan politics.

Revenue Neutral

The fees collected on carbon emissions will be allocated to all Americans to spend any way they choose. The government will not keep any of the fees collected.

Support the Bill

Tell Congress that you support this legislation.

Write a Letter!

Stop Jordan Cove LNG


Did you know that the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline could be the largest source of climate pollution in Oregon?

If built, Jordan Cove LNG would transport fracked gas from the Canadian and US Rockies to the southern Oregon Coast. This project would require the 229-mile Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline across private and public land, creating a 95-foot wide clear-cut through southwest Oregon’s forests and farms.

Protect the Pacific Northwest from new fracked gas infrastructure by submitting a comment today to the Oregon Department of State Lands!

The pipeline would terminate on the coast in an export facility in the Port of Coos Bay. This highly explosive facility would be located in a tsunami hazard zone, subjecting thousands of people to hazardous burns in the case of an accident. This project would pollute nearly 500 waterways, harm salmon habitat, impact hundreds of landowners, threaten tribal territories and burial grounds, raise energy prices, and become the largest source of climate pollution in Oregon.

Instead of expanding use of fossil fuels to benefit corporate special interests, we should be investing in a faster transition to clean energy jobs and greater energy efficiency.

Submit your comments now: Tell the Oregon Department of State Lands to deny permits for the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline before Sunday, February 3rd at 5pm.