No Plan B: Putting a Price Tag on Carbon

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Danny Richter Vice president of government affairs at Citizens' Climate Lobby

Bob Perciasepe President of The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions; @BobPerch

Monica de Bolle Senior fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics; Director of Latin American Studies, Johns Hopkins University; @bollemdb

Mary Nichols Chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board

Atmospheric Scientist and Evangelical Christian Katharine Hayhoe Keynote Address

Shifting Climates

Shifting Climates: A Podcast about Climate Justice.  Clear moral discussions about faith and climate.  Not necessary to subscribe in order to hear the presentations.  Click on this link:

Urban Farm Podcasts

     Recent Guests on The Urban Farm Podcast...   

Gabe Brown on Beneficial Soil Ecosystems: Joining farming through his wife’s family, Gabe Brown learned the commercialized, industrialized, standard way of farming. Then when disaster struck four times in a row, he reached out to the past for some inspiration. He learned the value of a healthy soil ecosystem, how it affects many of the issues we are facing today, and the best ways to rebuild the soil. Now he shares what he learned in 5 principles that work anywhere in the world.  Listen to #392:  
Knowing the secret to building healthy soil
Brad Lancaster on Wild Food Forestry: The desert is full of amazing native plants that provide a rich, delicious bounty of food, IF you know what to look for and how to harvest it, and Brad Lancaster wants you know these secrets. He is excited about a new cookbook that shares delicious and tested recipes for native trees and plants. And these plants are suited to thrive in the hot and dry climates, so they tolerate drought conditions better, while giving other great benefits to all desert residents.  Listen to #393:  Harvesting native foods in the Sonoran Desert
Tonya Antle on Organic Grower Summit: She had a feral childhood in the ghetto of Detroit and entered the foster care system at age 7. Later, as a young mother Cyfrin Barefoot wanted good food for her own children and became an organic farmer. Then, she fought for better food options for poor families and won. And, after a significant and heartbreaking business setback she rebounded to create a health-food business offering delicious foods that fit paleo diet preferences. Listen to #394 Propelling organic produce from fringe to mainstream

Karin Fields on Growing Food in the Tropics: Growing up and becoming a ward of the state, then becoming emancipated at 17 left a lifelong mark on Karin Fields, so when she started learning how to grow food in one of the most challenging and unique areas of the country, she wanted to help other young girls like her gain those skills too. For twenty years she has been the Edible Gardening Gal and a valuable resource for education about growing food in South Florida.  Listen to #395:Weathering the challenges of growing food inSouth Florida
Marie Viljoen on Wild Inspired Cuisine: Her curiosity, her love of gardening, and her creativity in the kitchen, come together beautifully and for our benefit when Marie Viljoen compiled recipes for her new cookbook. She shares how she moved from gardening in 66 square feet to foraging all over New York City. If you are ever in her city, you will want to take a foraging walk with her! Listen to #396: Incorporating wild ingredients into every day and special occasion fare 

Michael Bell on Part Time Urban Farming: He was starting off on a vacant property with lots of Johnson Grass, almost no money, and no way to cut it down and remove it, yet this was not going to stop Michael Bell from building his urban farm. He got creative and found a resource to not only help remove the grass but turn it into an asset and deep rich soil in one season. Relying on his creativity, he now has a half-acre farm and more customers than produce. All this and he only farms part-time! Listen to #397: Being bit by the urban farming bug, and loving it
Brandi Doming on Delicious Vegan Meals: After several years of contradictory and confusing medical advice, Brandi Doming was worn out trying to help her husband escape the pain of gout. As a new mom and a concerned wife, she sought out the next possible answer and found information on a plant-based vegan diet. This was the first one to give her husband some relief.  She started blogging recipes and recently authored a cookbook designed to make vegan meals easy and delicious! Listen to #398: Cooking with 8 ingredients or less 
Diann Peart on Living in a Chemically Saturated World: It was not your typical birthday gift but a small collection of home cleaning products, and they changed Diann Peart’s direction in life. She found a path that filled her passion and allowed her to truly make a difference. When she realized the products were chemical free, her passion for the environment and her desire to help others took over and she knew these products needed to be brought to market.  She has a special offer for listeners today.  Listen to #399: Changing the role of chemicals in our homes 
Eliot Coleman on 30th Anniversary of ‘The New Organic Grower’: In 1988, Eliot Coleman literally wrote the book on being an organic grower and has been an invaluable resource for organic gardeners and farmers for three decades. He only started growing food because it sounded like an adventure; and he learned how through books and making friends with farmers around the world. We learn who inspired and taught him, how he uses livestock on his farm, how he virtually moved his farm 500 miles to the south for the winter, and more. Listen to #400: Being a resource for organic growersfor over three decades 
Duane Hebert on Growing a Healthy Diet: Several things happened at the same time which all pointed Duane Heberttowards moving out of the busy city and into starting his own farm just outside of Phoenix, or as he calls it – The Edge of Nowhere. Here they focused on growing healthy food, and sharing that food with family, friends and now a few customers. With a holistic mindset focused on healthy growing in all areas of the farm, even their chickens get the healthiest diet and it shows.  Best of all – he wants to share what he has learned. Listen to #401: Homesteading in the suburbs
Ciara Bennett on Premium Homemade Granola: As a young mother of two, and having just left corporate America, Ciara Bennett wanted something that was going to be helpful and healthful for her young children.  An inspiration to start making high-quality snacking granola also moved her build a business around this product while allowing her to keep her own identity. Now she makes Vintage Oats, a line of premium granola with unique & tasty flavors her kids love and so do her customers. Listen to #402: Creating a line of homemade nutritious and delicious snacks
 Tobias Peggs on Empowering Next-Gen Leaders: Wondering where the bananas came from while eating them in his native United Kingdom was just the first step for Tobias Peggs, as he sought to figure out how to grow the food in his own city that previously would have spent weeks being shipped in from different climates. He was sure he could mimic the plants’ normal environments. Peggs has not only built a working modular farm in Brooklyn, New York, but runs a Next-Gen Farmer training program to help ensure that others are working toward his mission of bringing real food to all the cities of the world. Listen to #403: Training future farmers to shape the future of our food system 
Lyndsay Ludden as a Farmer at the Market: Lyndsay and her husband Eric wanted to grow real food. They talked about it all the time. This led them to take the bold step to sell their home in Phoenix and find their perfect property in Cornville, Arizona. On just over two acres of land Lyndsay and Eric built their farm from scratch, beginning with chickens and goats. Having more eggs than they could use led them to the farmer’s market. They’ve been working and adding new animals and gardens to the Hoppy Goat Farm for two years now and feel they’ve made the right choice. Listen to #404: Bringing farm products to the local market 
Rhonda Sherman on Worm Farming: As an extension specialist in the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University, Rhonda Sherman shares how throwing away our food waste is a major problem in landfills, releasing methane gas which is a contributor to climate change and causing heavy metals to be released into water sources. She spends 90 percent of her work time educating people in what to do with their food waste instead, namely by composting or vermicomposting. Rhonda shares access to many of the publications she’s written which can be found on her website. Listen to #405: Organically recycling through vermicomposting 
Nika Forte on Farming for the Under-Served: Being a single mother trying to provide nutritious options for her children while living in a food desert gave St. Vincent de Paul’s Urban Farm manager Nika Forte a great understanding and compassion for the people she serves. She shares with her belief that food should nourish the body, mind and spirit with her clientele as she encourages them to reconnect with where their food comes from as they are being helped by the many services of St. Vincent de Paul.  Listen to #406: Managing an urban farm for families in poverty or homeless  

Janis Norton,Podcast Producer