Regenerative Agriculture: The Soil Story

How we grow our food is related to the health of our planet.

Climate-Smart Cities

Excellent overview of city planning approaches!

Ocean Changes Impact Pacific Northwest Oysters

Portland Clean Energy Fund

One year ago, the Portland Clean Energy Fund made history as the first initiative created and led by communities of color to fund climate justice and jobs in the United States.

   The initiative funds local renewable energy work that benefits all members of the community -- especially low-income communities and communities of color. This only happened because frontline, community-based, and climate activists in the community worked together to develop (and pass!) PCEF.

Help Build the World We Crave One Bite at a Time

Eating more vegetables is healthy and can mitigate climate change!

Take a Deep Breath: TEDxDrew University

Air Quality and Climate Change

More Greta (with Naomi Klein)

Check out this timely video.

Merchants of Doubt

The Playbook for Climate Denial.  Check out this detailed video

People of Faith for a Green New Deal

This webinar starts slowly, but is outstanding!  The Green New Deal is a bold and compelling proposal to transform the US energy system in a fundamentally new direction, fueled by values that so many of our religious and spiritual traditions share: love, justice, and compassion. 

NASA on Greenland's Thinning Ice

NASA's Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) and Operation IceBridge missions are investigating the thinning of Greenland's ice sheets from both above and below.

Carbon Omissions Animation

Nice discussion.

Pope Francis TED Talk

Why The Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone.  Click on this link:

10 Green Commandments Video

Click on this link:

Corporate Bully: Exxon

Learn about SLAP lawsuits and how to counteract them.

What Wolves Can Tell Us About the World's Health

More evidence of human caused ecological destruction, from OSU Professor Bill Ripple.

Climate Change and the Border Wall

This is critical information for the current national conversation.

15 Year Old Who Does Not Pull Any Punches

Greta Thunberg at UN Climate Change COP24 Conference 

The Bible and Climate Change

From Global Weirding Series by Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical, pastors wife, and climate scientist.

If I Explain the Facts, They'll Get It, Right?

From Global Weirding Series by Katharine Hayhoe